A View on the 5 of 8 Rule

From Ana Rosado Feger…

Here’s my take on the 5-of-8 and other revisions of operating standards and it is at the STATE level, not the local level.

The continuing revision of operating standards (an ongoing, every 5 years process and in itself not unusual) under the guise of creating “flexibility” via the reduction of regulation concerning staffing levels et al is a way to balance mandating a number of things (for example, online testing, the specific evaluation/remediation requirements of the TGRG) without providing appropriate funding.  Continue reading

State Board May Eliminate Mandate for Gym, Music and Art Teachers

The Ohio Board of Education met this week to consider changes to the “5 of 8 rule”, a standard that requires local school districts to have a set number of positions in art, music, physical education, counseling, nursing, social workers.  Under the current standard, schools, must have 5 of 8 of these positions for every 1,000 students.  The proposed changes would eliminate those requirements, and could ultimately mean an end to some of these programs and services in some districts. Continue reading

November 4 Election — OH Board of Education

On Tuesday, November 4, three candidates are on the ballot for the 8th District of the Ohio Board of Education, which includes Athens. The state board, plays a very important role in our children’s education, but because these positions are “non-partisan” it can be difficult to assess how each candidate’s experience and positions aligns with your views.  Below are some links to help prepare you to vote on November 4, including background information on the Board, and links to candidate bios and opinion pieces.

Ohio Board of Education

Election 2014: The Ohio School Board Explained (NPR)

Candidate Profiles: Ohio Board of Education, 8th District (Canton Rep)

Three compete for state board of education seat in District 8 (IndeOnline)

Ohio Education Association



Cafeteria Man

Interested in school nutrition?  The Common Experience Project on Sustainability is offering  a film this week that explores the work of Tony Gerraci and his success at food reform of thee Baltimore School systems, including a 33 acre garden.

Cafeteria Man  (70 minutes) , Athena Cinema Uptown. Wednesday, November 5, 7 pm.

The feature documentary film chronicles an ambitious effort to ‘green’ the public school diet serving 83,000 students in Baltimore – and later, over 200,000 students in Memphis.  Continue reading

2014 Winter Coat/Hat/Glove Drive

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the morning chill reminds us that winter is on its way. Many of our kids are trying on last year’s winter coat to see if it still fits, and discovering just how much those kids have grown!

If your kids have outgrown their gear, we ask you to please consider donating it to our Athens Parents for Participation 2014 Winter Coat/Hat/Glove Drive.  Continue reading