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Closures in a Meter

Though the weather outside is frightful,
Your calls have been delightful,
As parents we’d like you to know:
Way to Go, Dr.  Gibbs, Way to Go!
~ Ana L. Rosado Feger

Blizzard Bags 2015

Fellow Parents:

We know you may be concerned about the blizzard bags in combination with the state testing.  We have heard from several teachers that the blizzard bag process will likely be similar to last year, where they are distributed via several methods (posted online, in class, via email) and deadlines vary depending on assignment and content (with plenty of time provided for completion).  This is slightly different than the message from Dr. Gibbs on Thursday mentioning online distribution and encouraging students to turn in work this coming week. We thank the teachers for reaching out and for supporting our students every day and in every way.

The Ohio School Funding Conundrum

On Sunday, November 30, the Columbus Dispatch ran an article by Cantherine Candisky and Jim Siegel titled “Rural kids get fewer AP classes”.

The article highlights the disparity in availability of advanced classes across districts, even those within the same county. For example, Dublin City Schools offers students a selection of 92 advanced courses, while Hamilton Local Schools, also in Franklin County, offers 9. Continue reading

School District Revises Release Schedule for Football Game

After receiving feedback from concerned parents and consulting with the Ohio Department of Education, the Athens City School District has revised its plans for early release/late arrival this Thursday and Friday.  If you took the time to contact district officials with your concerns, thank you.  We believe you’ve made a difference.  The new schedule calls for a 1 hour early release on Thursday 12/4 and a 1 hour delay on Friday 12/5.

More importantly, the district’s letter to parents, which you can read here, is very well articulated, and honors parents and the community by explaining the district’s rationale.  District administrators will always have difficult decisions to make and competing interests to address.  We think thoughtful discourse between the district and parents, and transparency into the decision making process, are vital to a healthy school community.  These goals are the primary reason we founded this group.

We’d like to thank the administration for taking this step, and hope it’s the kind of communication we’ll see as difficult choices arise in the future.

Football Shouldn’t Trump Education — Call Today

Parents for Participation: I’d like to urge you to call or email Carl Martin’s office today with the following suggested message:

“Superintendent Martin, While many in Athens are excited for the AHS football game, for other students and parents, football is simply not a priority. We urge you to find a way to make up the four hours that will be lost this week. There are many families in Athens for whom football has very little meaning — but luckily, education does. Please don’t send this message that football trumps class time to every family in Athens —  make up the hours or reconsider your decision.”

The number is 740.797.4544, email is

Many thanks,
Annie Howell

Coat Drive a Huge Success!

Athens Parents for Participation sponsored a coat drive at the four elementary schools and the middle school, from November 3 to November 14. We are now writing to say THANK YOU for your great generosity and enthusiastic participation. We are extremely proud to report that all of our school communities rose to the occasion and overwhelmed the donation boxes. Just before the first reappearance of the dreaded polar vortex, we made our first delivery, with 30 coats, 20 hats, and 9 pairs of gloves (all collected in the first two days of the drive!) We started the drive just as the weather turned, and in two days, made our first delivery:


30 coats, 20 hats, and 10 pairs of gloves… Continue reading