A View on the 5 of 8 Rule

From Ana Rosado Feger…

Here’s my take on the 5-of-8 and other revisions of operating standards and it is at the STATE level, not the local level.

The continuing revision of operating standards (an ongoing, every 5 years process and in itself not unusual) under the guise of creating “flexibility” via the reduction of regulation concerning staffing levels et al is a way to balance mandating a number of things (for example, online testing, the specific evaluation/remediation requirements of the TGRG) without providing appropriate funding. 

This “flexibility” is therefore an illusion…it is shifting the burden of a state requirement onto the local districts.  It forces districts to shift resources to non-value adding activities (ie–testing) that are “required” when fiscal times get tough, because no additional resources are being provided by the state. A natural progression is that “required” elements will take priority over non-required elements.  It means ACSD and other districts have to keep looking to levies etc to fund the non-required activities (I am not talking about our district, but do look at what has been happening in Westerville and New Albany for example).

One simple question…why did we buy Chromebooks?  Because we had a great strategic plan for how we are going to use them to enhance learning?  Or because we had to figure out a way to administer PARCC assessments?  Proactive or reactive?  Will the teachers find great uses for these Chromebooks?  Sure!  But would we have committed to this district-wide purchase NOW, in the absence of the PARCC issues?

I wrote a Credit Flex application for my son last Spring, it was delayed in approval because…it took them time to identify a person qualified to review a proposal covering technology/computers.

This is not a local district issue, this is a STATE issue.  Ohio’s school funding formula has been declared unconstitutional due to its heavy reliance on local funding.  Kasich’s Achievement Everywhere formula still relies on local taxes:


I firmly believe our local school board supports all 8 of the specialists in the 5 of 8 rule.  Our board is put in an awful spot, trying to balance its budget.  As a resident of Ohio, I’d like to see the STATE resolve its school funding issue, and not by throwing it onto the backs of individual districts.